Overhead Crane Inspections

At Leading Cranes, we offer customised maintenance plans to suit your requirements. You can organise to have a member of our team come and assess your equipment

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Overhead Crane Project Management & Engineering Services

Our specialist engineer and team of experts handle every aspect of your overhead crane project, from planning and design to installation and commissioning.

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Third-Party Inspections

Our third-party inspections offer comprehensive routine checks, confirming your overhead crane adheres to the latest regulations. We verify that your service provider fulfils all necessary fields

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Overhead Crane Installations

At Leading Cranes, we have the ability to source and manufacture cranes of any capacity. Our team of experienced technicians are able to identify what equipment


Major Assessment

We perform major assessments on rarely used overhead cranes. This involves a detailed external examination of the crane’s components and the engineering

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Major Inspection

We offer thorough major inspections, including disassembly, inspection, replacement, and recertification of components to enhance your crane’s performance.

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24/7 Breakdown

Get in touch with us any time through our 24/7 callout breakdown service. Our fully equipped vehicles and dedicated team ensure swift responses to restore your production seamlessly.

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Routine Inspections

We value optimising your equipment use and tailor inspection schedules accordingly for your industry. Our services encompass thorough inspections