Empowering Lifting Industry Australia Wide

Leading Cranes is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Leading cranes have a team of experienced overhead crane experts that will ensure your cranes are compliant, safe and reliable.

We can provide solutions to all your lifting needs including;

  • the supply of new cranes and hoists
  • the installation and commissioning of new equipment
  • service and maintenance of current equipment
  • engineering services (Major Inspections/Major Assessments)
  • specialist services including third party inspections and periodic inspections
  • overhauls and upgrades

Leading Cranes understand that you have a job to do running and maximising your business profits whilst ensuring your equipment is reliable and safe for your production requirements and employee’s safety. Safety, Reliability and Compliance are our trademarks and we will work with you to ensure your site lifting equipment is maintained in the best condition to support your business in meeting it’s safety and financial targets.

We take great pride on our ability to provide the best reports in the industry for our customers that provide you with precise and accurate information compiled by our crane experts. Our reports can be tailor made to suit your business requirements and systems as required.


To become one of the best suppliers of Overhead Crane services with safety of your workers.


Our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional services becomes evident as we prioritise utmost DEPENDABILITY after carefully selecting top-tier cranes.


Our company people demonstrate the following virtues (Respect Integrity, Teamwork, Honesty and Reliability) in their work and behaviour.

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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Project By Harnessing The Power Of Crane Servicing Australia Wide

At Leading Cranes, we take pride in our Australian heritage and the extensive knowledge we bring to the field of overhead cranes. Our unwavering focus is on ensuring your cranes’ safety, reliability, and full compliance with all pertinent regulations. 

Our comprehensive overhead crane service suite helps cater to your unique requirements. From the supply of new cranes to their installation and commissioning, maintenance and repairs, engineering assessments, third-party inspections, periodic inspections, major assessments and inspections, overhauls and upgrades, we provide an all-encompassing solution to your lifting needs. 

Our commitment to hassle-free professionalism allows us to deliver unparalleled service, while our detailed inspection reports set the industry benchmark for quality considerations. You can rest assured that you can rely on us to provide exceptional service every single time, backed by our cost effective pricing and steadfast dedication to your satisfaction