Overhead Crane Inspections
and Maintenance

If you are a proprietor or a manager of overhead cranes in Sydney, you must prioritize safety and compliance with statutory regulations. Leading Cranes’ unrivaled inspection services guarantee the dependability and security of your equipment, giving you peace of mind. Trust us to provide you with a comprehensive overhead crane equipment assessment that ensures absolute compliance and maximizes productivity. 

At Leading Cranes, we offer customised maintenance plans to suit your requirements. You can organise to have a member of our team come and assess your equipment, complete a comprehensive condition report on your overhead cranes and hoists and furthermore tailor a preventative maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Crane Inspections Necessity 

As a requirement under the Australian Standard for cranes, hoists and winches (AS2550.1-2002) business owners must have their lifting equipment inspected at regular intervals, to ensure equipment remains in optimal condition and in safe working order our qualified technicians will be able to advise on the below requirements –

  • Third Party Inspections
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Routine Maintenance

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Unleash the Power of Safety with Leading Cranes Services

Leading Cranes have capabilities to provide specialist services all over Australia, we specialise in supporting heavy industry including mine sites, oil and gas, steel works and quarries. 

Our comprehensive crane inspection services offer you a multitude of benefits: 

  1. Assurance of meeting all regulatory requirements through independent inspections conducted in accordance with applicable regulations, standards, and engineering practices. 
  2. We prioritize the safety and proper working condition of your equipment, ensuring that it is fully capable and fit for purpose.
  3. Our inspections also enable you to maintain the optimal capability and availability of your equipment, thereby minimizing operational impact and maximizing uptime.

Discover our comprehensive Crane Inspection solutions

Our Overhead crane Inspection Services Include:

  1. Checking of brakes, clutches, sheaves, and wire rope assemblies
  2. Design studies and calculation reviews
  3. Dynamic and static load testing
  4. Inspection of all the structural load bearing members, including sheaves
  5. Checking crane girders, rails and columns of overhead cranes to assure structural integrity
  6. Line level and span crane gantry surveys
  7. Non-destructive testing (NDT) of load hooks for cracks and visual inspections for distortions
  8. Operational tests to assure that your unit is functioning properly
  9. Periodic inspections and inspection prior to use of mechanical, structural, electrical, and safety systems, as well as of wire ropes and chains
  10. Re-examination of all safety devices
  11. Regulatory compliance assessments
  12. Remnant life assessment
  13. Repairs supervision


Overhead crane Inspections  made efficient in Sydney

Overhead Crane Inspections may seem complicated but they save your time and money for running your factory operations. Leading Cranes can help you with overhead crane inspections ensuring the safety of your workforce.

Contact us so we can demonstrate the efficacy of our rigorous inspection procedures for overhead cranes. Our meticulous approach will ensure safety, dependability, and adherence to all necessary regulatory standards.

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