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At Leading Cranes, safety, compliance, and reliability are our top concerns. To safeguard our customers’ and employees’ health and safety, we abide by the most vital industry standards and laws.

Our highly qualified personnel are committed to maintaining a risk-free workplace, minimising risks, and offering dependable crane services customers can rely on.

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Welcome to Leading Cranes, your trusted partner for exceptional crane services in Australia. With our wealth of knowledge and dedication to perfection, we offer superior crane solutions for various sectors.

Whether you require inspections, maintenance, installations, or knowledgeable project management, we can help.

What We Do

Leading Cranes provides a wide range of crane services to satisfy your demands. Our offerings consist of the following

Overhead Crane Inspections | Leading Cranes

Overhead Crane Inspections

We conduct routine examinations of overhead cranes suited to your needs to guarantee optimal performance, spot problems, and suggest necessary maintenance or repairs.

Overhead Crane Project Management & Engineering Services | Leading Cranes

Overhead Crane Project Management & Engineering Services

Our specialist engineer and team of experts handle every aspect of your overhead crane project, from planning and design to installation and commissioning. We guarantee the timely execution and completion of your project while exceeding your expectations.

Third-Party Inspections | Leading Cranes

Third-Party Inspections

Our third-party inspections offer comprehensive routine checks, confirming your overhead crane adheres to the latest regulations. We verify that your service provider fulfils all necessary fields of regular inspections and repairs, ensuring utmost professionalism.

Overhead Crane Installations | Leading Cranes

Overhead Crane Installations

Our qualified and seasoned technicians have the expertise to handle all the rigging, wiring, and fitting needs for your new overhead crane. Our skilled specialists guarantee accurate results ensuring your crane equipment’s safe operation.

Major Assessment | Leading Cranes

Major Assessment

We perform major assessments on rarely used overhead cranes. This involves a detailed external examination of the crane’s components and the engineering calculations to determine its remaining lifespan percentage from provided data.

Major Inspection | Leading Cranes

Major Inspection

We offer thorough major inspections, including disassembly, inspection, replacement, and recertification of components to enhance your crane’s performance.

24/7 Breakdown Support | Leading Cranes

24/7 Breakdown Support 

Get in touch with us any time through our 24/7 callout breakdown service. Our fully equipped vehicles and dedicated team ensure swift responses to restore your production seamlessly.

Routine Inspections | Leading Cranes

Routine Inspections

We value optimising your equipment use and tailor inspection schedules accordingly for your industry. Our services encompass thorough inspections, covering minor repairs and adjustments in quoted and hourly offerings.

Providing crane repair services 24 hours a day year round.

We recognise that your projects can need crane services at any moment, day or night. Consequently, we offer crane repair services 24/7, 365 days per year.

For a planned project or an emergency, you can count on Leading Cranes to provide the necessary equipment and information.

Serious About Safety?

Our first priority is keeping you secure. To safeguard our customers’ and employees’ health and safety, we abide by the most vital industry standards and laws.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to maintaining a safe working environment, minimising risks, and offering trustworthy crane services you can rely on for safety.

Experienced and Qualified Technicians 

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Safety Training and Awareness

Safety Equipment and Technology

Compliance with Regulations

Products We Supply

Leading Cranes offers a wide range of high-quality products to support your lifting and material handling needs. Our product offerings include

Chain Hoists | Leading Cranes

Chain Hoists

We offer dependable chain hoists that are suitable for a range of applications. Our chain hoists are designed to raise objects smoothly and precisely while supporting enormous weights.

Wire Rope Hoists | Leading Cranes

Wire Rope Hoists

Our wire rope hoists offer outstanding lifting capacity and toughness. They are made to perform complex tasks and operate swiftly, consistently, and effectively.


Cranes and Parts

We provide many cranes and parts, whether you require a new or replacement crane. Exceptional quality and performance are ensured by the fact that our items are obtained from top manufacturers.

Benefits Of Working With Us

You can anticipate the following advantages if you hire Leading Cranes to give your crane services

24/7 Emergency Response

Regardless of the time of day or night, your demanding production requirements may require our callout breakdown services. To be there for you whenever you need us, we provide an immediate response call out breakdown service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team is committed to fulfilling the demands of your production and safety requirements.

Professional and Experienced Crew

Our team comprises highly skilled, seasoned professionals who are authorities in their industries.
We know about crane operations and other specialised services. You may rely on our staff to manage your project precisely and successfully.

Safety and Reliability

At Leading Cranes, safety is our top priority. To protect the safety of our staff, clients and your project’s success, we strictly abide by industry standards and safety measures.
Regular inspections and maintenance are performed on our well-maintained equipment to maximise uptime and assure dependability.

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What Our Clients Say!

Good quality people with the right ethics that flow on through to work presentation and job handover on completion.

Kurt dams

Blair and Matt are really competent and knowledgeable; I highly recommend them to assist with your lifting requirements.

Chris Damiani

Very professional and great to work with. Will always recommend 👌

Ben Parsons

Frequently Asked Questions

Several variables, including usage, environment, and legal requirements, affect how frequently an overhead crane needs to be serviced.
The minimum servicing requirement for overhead cranes, as per AS2550, is every 3 months. Cranes operating at a higher duty cycle will require more frequent routine inspections.
Cranes operating in difficult or dangerous areas may need to undergo checks more frequently. Our professionals will evaluate your unique requirements to create a customised maintenance programme for your overhead crane.

A professional crane operator is essential to ensure safe and effective crane operations. Typical tasks they perform include:

Ensuring that the crane is in good functioning condition by performing pre-operational inspections.
Using the crane safely and regulated while abiding by industry standards.
Monitor load capacities and ensure loads stay within the crane’s rated capability.
Recognising and resolving any potential risks or problems during crane operations.
Ensuring proper procedures and safety precautions are followed while supervising the rigging and lifting activities.
The education and supervision of crane operators and other crane operation staff.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism while offering tailored solutions. Our commitment is backed by a 24/7 emergency response that ensures we’re there for you when you need us most. Our crew brings experience and expertise to every project, guaranteeing safety and reliability in all aspects of our service. With a keen understanding of your unique requirements, we’re proud to provide crane services that meet and exceed your expectations.

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Specialists in 24/7 Inspections, Installations & much more!

Be sure to settle for the best regarding overhead crane servicing and maintenance needs. Trust the Leading Cranes specialists to provide exceptional service, reliability, and professionalism.

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