Crane Inspection Adelaide

Crane Inspection Adelaide

When building projects in Adelaide, cranes are crucial in lifting heavy materials and making construction more efficient. However, it’s important to remember that the proper maintenance and inspection of cranes is vital to ensure safe and reliable operation. 

This prevents accidents, ensures compliance with regulations, and maximises performance. If you need crane inspection services in Adelaide, Leading Cranes is a reputable company that provides comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that your cranes are in good hands and that your project complies with industry standards.


Leading Cranes is a go-to partner for all crane inspection requirements in Adelaide. Our extensive range of inspection services, combined with their industry knowledge and adherence to standards, ensures they are dependable and trustworthy.

Construction projects can run smoothly and efficiently by prioritizing crane inspections while reducing potential risks. Choose Leading Cranes for your crane inspection needs and experience a seamless construction process.

Quality Crane Inspection Services

The distinguished Leading Cranes expertly meet Adelaide’s crane inspection needs. Our unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive and top-notch quality inspections distinguishes us from the competition.

Leading Cranes has established itself as a reliable source of all-encompassing and superior crane inspections. 

Collaborating with Leading Cranes provides construction firms access to knowledgeable professionals, accurate assessments, and open communication. 

Opting for top-notch inspection services is a crucial investment in the security, adherence, and triumph of construction ventures in Adelaide.


  • Routine maintenance :

Our routine crane repairs, maintenance, and crane inspections minimise your crane’s downtime, lifting equipment, and hoist’s downtime.  Our team can also design a program tailored to your requirements and work schedule.

  • Our inspection services:

You can count on us to inspect your cranes and hoists using load tests, geometric measurements, and condition crane inspections. We can also inspect your overhead crane safety systems.

  • Breakdowns or repairs –

Are you in need of emergency repairs or planned upgrades? We have technicians on call 24 hours a day. In other words, we can fulfil your planned repairs according to your schedule and time constraints.

  • Components:

Looking for a spare part for a crane or hoist? Please give us a call.  We stock replacement parts and can deliver them to you.  And if an item isn’t in stock, we can arrange to get it for you.

Crane Inspection Specialists

At Leading Cranes, we specialize in revitalizing your crane, telehandler, insulated and non-insulated truck-mount towers, and self-propelled elevated work platforms to last for a decade. 

Our inspections go beyond the norm by reducing the risk of loss and providing peace of mind.

Our inspection process prioritizes integrity and transparency, ensuring no hidden fees. We offer a fixed-price, all-inclusive quote for the inspection. 

We provide better value than others by returning an equivalent factory-reconditioned machine that adds value, reliability, and safety to your fleet.

Ask us about our reputable adelaide crane maintenance.

Recent Project

Regional Sa, Wind Farm

Wind turbine rotor replacement

Regional Sa, Wind Farm

Wind turbine rotor replacement

Regional Sa, Wind Farm

Wind turbine rotor replacement

Regional Sa, Wind Farm

Wind turbine rotor replacement

Regional Sa, Wind Farm

Wind turbine rotor replacement

Overhead Crane Inspection South Australia | Leading Cranes
Regional Sa, Wind Farm

Wind turbine rotor replacement

What Our Clients Say!

Good quality people with the right ethics that flow on through to work presentation and job handover on completion.

Kurt dams

Blair and Matt are really competent and knowledgeable; I highly recommend them to assist with your lifting requirements.

Chris Damiani

Very professional and great to work with. Will always recommend 👌

Ben Parsons


What are the specific duties of the competent person in crane inspection?

The crane inspection process relies heavily on the competence of the individual responsible for ensuring cranes’ safety, compliance, and proper functioning. 


This includes performing thorough inspections, adhering to regulations, identifying potential safety hazards, recording observations, and recommending maintenance or repairs. 


The expertise and knowledge of this individual are essential for maintaining a secure work environment and reducing the risks associated with crane operations.

What is the major inspection of cranes?

A comprehensive analysis of cranes, known as a significant inspection, accurately assesses the crane’s state, efficiency, and safety considerations. This examination surpasses regular or scheduled inspections and carefully evaluates the crane’s vital parts and systems. The primary inspection is usually carried out at specific intervals or as the crane manufacturer suggests.

How often should overhead cranes be inspected?

As responsible crane owners and operators, we must familiarize ourselves with the applicable regulations, manufacturer guidelines, and industry standards to determine the most suitable inspection schedule for our overhead cranes.


 Consistently following the suggested inspection schedules is crucial for ensuring the secure functioning of our cranes. 


This guarantees that potential problems are detected early, reducing the risk of accidents or equipment breakdowns. Conducting frequent inspections fulfils regulatory obligations and highlights our unwavering dedication to maintaining a safe working environment.

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